Opening a pet accessory business in Calgary.

  • October 14, 2014
  • Pets
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Anything to do with pets if done properly can quickly turn profitable! Why?  Because according to Stat Canada there are around 3.5 Million dogs and 4.5 Million Pet Cats in the country – and this does not account for the numbers in shelters or any other pets.

Canada imports $285 million worth of pet food from various parts of the world. The above facts provide us with a clear picture about the pet industry in Canada.


However, getting into the pet accessory business in Calgary including collars and leash is tough, due to the immense competition from the bigger stores (with reduced pricing).  Said that, with the right marketing tools at your disposal in todays world, you can give a tough competition as well. Most pet accessories and gifts for pet lovers go at a good mark up cost. At the same time, consumers are not willing to travel long distances to buy pet food or go to a vet. Hence, local consumers can be a great source of income.


When you open a pet related business in Calgary, you have to ensure all products meet the national guidelines, and are completely safe for the pets. Several owners had their businesses shutdown because they did not meet the local and national regulations.

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