Wedding Planning As A Professional Career

Wedding Planning As A Professional Career

There are many benefits and set backs about wedding planning as a professional career. Here is an insight into what a wedding planning career is all about.

You can work from home.
The majority of your time planning a wedding will take place on the laptop. It takes time researching and designing, communicating and organizing documents. A Calgary wedding planner working from home allows you to set your own hours of work and gives you flexibility. When you are not working at home, you are out meeting with clients and vendors, purchasing items, picking up and dropping off rentals or attending the wedding.

You have a lot of responsibility.
This is a couples most important day and they are relying on you to make it happen perfectly. There is a lot of pressure, but after the wedding you will feel happy to have been a part of such a beautiful thing. You will feel assured that you accomplished everything to your best ability.

You don’t have returning clients.
Unless a client gets remarried, they will not ever need your services again. Your past clients can refer you and help build your clientele. Word of mouth is very important!

You get to attend weddings and enjoy great food!
This is the best part about working as a wedding planner. You get to see everything unfold and experience the day to the fullest. You will be working all day but will have the opportunity to meet great people, see gorgeous venues and taste top of the line food!

You have to be creative and come up with unique designs.
Clients wants the best and look for planners who have fresh ideas. There is a lot of competition and it is important to strive to stand out and catch peoples eye.

You are a problem solver.
You must think fast and be ready to solve a problem in any situation that may arise. Things can and will go wrong and it is important for a planner to remain calm and think quickly. After all, luck favours the prepared.

You are always communicating.
Whether its a client or vendor, you are always communicating through emails, phone calls and meetings in person. You will meet a lot of different people and experience different personalities and nationalities. Building relationships is key.

You are always learning and keeping up with the latest trends.
When planning a wedding, its important to know whats in style and what is not. Do your best to set yourself apart and stay on top of the latest trends for your clients.


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