Website Design Business

Today, I am going share my experience and opinion about the Website Design Market in Canada

Its not too long ago since I have been a Web Designing Service provider in Calgary and I have realized that though there are hundreds (possibly even a thousand) of Internet Web Design and Marketing Companies in Calgary, there is a fair amount of scope for everyone who enters this industry of digital media. In a span of merely 30 days, I was able to speak to over twenty potential clients securing three contracts without any references or contacts.

When I began the journey, I thought the industry is stagnant, but this opinion has changed drastically. Once you have your name out there in the market – a freelancer alone can bag about three to four contracts per month yielding an average of $2500, which in my opinion is great.

In this market, there are a large number of web designing companies ranging from full-on software providers, media – advertising agencies to small website development companies. This varied and immense competition also gives rise to a huge variation in pricing. One of my clients that came to me recently told me that he got a price quote ranging from $750 to $3500 for a WordPress website. I was not surprised at all! The truth is that there are some companies who are doing extremely well and can afford to keep their pricing high. As for the rest of them, costs are low because they are probably just starting out!
The factors that directly relate to the pricing for services are the overheads. Most large agencies maintain a physical office with admin staff as well as a team of designers. This requires them to not only keep a consistent and standard quality but and therefore charge a good sum of money.

Having said all this, as part of this industry I can proudly say that all of us big or small, work for the best interest of our consumers. And most of the web design companies in Canada promise to deliver quality, value for money along with the best logistical support (time & resources).


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Want to own a Chiropractic Clinic?

The following post is from Dr. Ikram – A Chiropractor in Calgary and owner of Pro Health Chiropractic. Dr. Ikram discusses various needs and focus points of a chiropractic clinic business.

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I am a chiropractor in Calgary, Alberta. It can be a tough business when you start out. There is a multitude of different types of chiropractors. I myself am a Sports Chiropractor. What this means is i do not just adjust people and work on back pain. It is a hybrid between physiotherapy and chiropractic medicine. In my case, I combine acupuncture, Soft tissue Therapies(Tens, Graston, Active Release, Radial shockwave, IMS and exercise rehab into all my treatments). I find this to be the highest standard of care that patients can get when choosing physical medicine for musculoskeletal pain.

The biggest mistake most chiropractors make is to treat there clinic to much like a business. They start to push supplements, orthotics, and want to make patients prepay for a “package” of treatments. It becomes all about making money and experiencing growth. Don’t get me wrong, these are great things, but the approach needs to be different. The emphasis needs to be put on helping people, being honest with people, learning about there lives, giving them your time and the highest standard of care. You need to be empathetic and not look at patients as cash machines. You have to treat patients like they are your family and make them comfortable in your clinic.

If you can focus on the patient not only will your patients be loyal to you, but they will get better much quicker, you will get more new patient referrals, you will make more money, and your business will grow. I do not know how else to put this without sounding arrogant, but I follow these rules and my patients love me, my business continues to grow, and I continue to make more money.

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